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Who are these No Names?

We founded No Name Pictures, a female-led, full service film and television company in order to tell the types of stories that get us going: diverse stories about humanity, tackling a variety of themes told through a variety of genres. We don’t like labels and names, we like unrestrictive storytelling that produces bold, engaging content, with some humor along the way.


No Name Pictures is a company on the forefront of change for a diverse cross-section of society, telling stories about women, people of color, of different religions, races and sexual orientations.

Our collective career experiences have garnered us many awards, but more importantly our films and documentaries have been seen by millions of viewers around the world. We've produced a little bit of everything from feature-length films to series, both scripted and unscripted, with commercials and podcasts in between. We are hands-on from start to finish, taking projects from development to delivery and distribution. 

'NO' can equate to creative constraints, but we see it as an opportunity to flourish and have fun.  Representing all the no-names out there.

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No Name Pictures Dash
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Jordana Glick-Franzheim

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Jordana is very comfortable around cameras and was destined to be in the entertainment industry because her birth was filmed at the UCLA Medical Center for research purposes. At eight years old she was schoolmates with Barbra Streisand’s son and her father was a business manager to famous actors and musicians. The Academy Awards was her favorite show of the year and the movie theater was her favorite place on earth.    Jordana has extensive experience producing award winning projects for the global marketplace. She is a producer, executive producer and line-producer of both documentary, feature films, television and podcasts and her projects have found success in theatrical, art-house, cable, network and streaming outlets.  Her work has spanned several nonfiction and fiction genres and premiered at the Berlin, SXSW and DOCNYC festivals to name only a few.  Educated at Pitzer College, Jordana has a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Fine Arts and Communications. She attended high school in Switzerland at the Ecole d’Humanité and the American International School in Nice, France, and began her career at Walt Disney Studios in physical production. Jordana lives in Los Angeles and is an active member of the Producers Guild of America and the International Documentary Association.   Fun Fact: She was a Houston Debutante

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Jenna Cedicci

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Originally from Chicago, Jenna began her filmmaking career at seven years old when her dad handed her a handicam, mainly to stop her from asking so many questions. Totally enthralled by films like West Side Story, Grease, Once Upon A Time In America... or basically anything her parents watched that embodied the "American Dream", Jenna spent her time trying to emulate the pictures and emotions of those films.   A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography with a focus on producing, Jenna has produced independent, award-winning TV & feature films, as an EP, producer and line producer, for theatrical and streaming, in both the narrative and doc spaces for over fifteen years. And too many commercials than she'd care to admit to (no disrespect). She currently has her hands full on NNP feature films and TV, both scripted and unscripted, as well as juggling that work/life balance. Humble brags: Jenna lives in LA. She's first-gen American, speaks fluent French, can get by in Portuguese, and holds dual citizenship. She can barely touch her toes, but still does ballet. She is an active member of WIF, Film Independent and the PGA, as well as a TFI alum. She is dedicated to diversity and inclusion and mentoring and empowering female filmmakers.  Fun fact: she can still recite the entirety of THE SANDLOT & HOOK.

Carly Muscio

Executive + Development Assistant

Carly Muscio, who is originally from the central coast of California, is a lifelong dancer and lover of all things astrology and celeb gossip. She went to her first television set in 6th grade and instantly became enthralled: she knew this was where she belonged.. Upon graduating from California State University Long Beach, she interned at Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures where she fell in love with development. Her time at Dr. Phil proved to be a challenging experience that made her learn how to function with only four hours of sleep and work through her tears. She co-produced a short film titled, “Rian and Sameer” post college and produced multiple films during her time at CSULB. She was the Executive Assistant at Wellworthit Pictures and worked on the true-crime docu-series ‘THE WILD” during her time at the company.  Carly’s love of media has no bounds: give her a podcast, a YouTube video, a documentary, a unnecessarily 3.5 hour long film made by some white dude who will get an Oscar for whatever he puts out in the world: she’ll watch it and talk about it to a nauseating amount to her loved ones.  Fun fact: she used to act out the entirety of CINDERELLA (1997) to her loved ones (and still can today)

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